Karaikudi Tourist Place

chettinad is one of the famous tourist place in Tamilnadu. Few tourist spots are 1000 windows house , Rala Palace , Architecture Buildings,Kamban Mani Mandapam,Thirumayam, PillayarPatti, Kundrakudi. Aathangudi tiles are worlds famous in construction. In travelling side, karaikudi was located in Trichy Rameshwaram Highway. In karaikudi, both bus and train facilities are available. More than thousands of peoples traveling through bus even via train lots of people traveling through train such as Rameshwaram express,Pallavan Superfast express,Silambu express.Roadways are the major mode of transportation to karaikudi and the nearest Airports are located in Trichy and Madurai. These are the ways for reach Karaikudi.

Temples around Karaikudi

Art fair, and majesty of the great mansions covers cettinattu Zucchini Sivaganga. Pillayarpatti around the temples, such as a page Karaikudi, Sivaganga district in another part of the best examples of heroic marudupandiyar lived. AD Between 1674-1710 Rameshwaram was the seventh king of Raghunatha Sethupathi rule.

Koppudai Amman Temple Karaikudi

Koppudai Amman Temple, the most popular South Indian devotees. Skin diseases, children who suffer due to problems such as lack of endowment, and the number of marital encounter many problems, there have been at a higher level. Pray in the temple, we are confident that these problems will be solved ulavukiratu routes. Who suffer health deficiencies, they come and go pirarttittuc him back to health. The shortcomings of people come up with perfect faith and is believed to lead all comfort. On the last Tuesday of the month at the end, huge festivals held here, the temple is very popular in South India. Pakatarkalum tourists come to attend the ceremony at the same level.

Kantatevi Temple

Devakottai 3 km from the village is located in the temple. Sri Swarna murttisvarar, cametaray Amman temple is in the lead. Kirakili also called Pascha. The temple was built 350 years ago, June festival is superb. For this festival, people gathered around the 75 villages.

Kundrakudi Temple

One of the magnificent temple of Lord Ettukkudi. 10 km from Karaikudi Situated in the kunrattuk Muruga temple Canmukanatan command. AD The temple was built in 1000 mayurakiri Purana. Marudhu Pandya updated. Thaippoosam, Mar timber, Thrikkarthika much pomp and kantacasti festivals celebrated in this temple.


12 km from Karaikudi The temple is located on the way to Madurai. AD Pandya The temple was built in the 4th century by the inscription ariyamutiyakiratu. Jagged rocky cliff into the temple building, Karpaga Vinayagar and linkavativu with one stone shed. The architect of the symbolic inscription chiseled ekkattur kunperuparanan have engraved their signatures. Here are 14 inscriptions. These AD 400 to 1238 AD etched. Tiruvinkaikkuti, marutakkuti, rajanarayanapuram that this city has many names, now called Pillayarpatti. Phone: – 04577-264240
Karaikudi Houses

Chetty said that the city serves as the financial capital of the territory Chitty Karaikudi every house, every house in the city. Wall-like compound walls, marble arbitrator, concrete art, color art glass windows, decorative hanging lamps, beautiful tekkumara milirkinrana work of art, and the sufferings of today. The hospitality of the best in character, they also noted that katalkonta Poompuhar origin.


India’s 2011 census, 106.793 people living here. [4] They 53.425 men and 53.368 are women. Karaikudi is the average literacy rate of 79%, the male literacy is 83%, and female literacy is 74%. Than the national average of 59.5% literacy. Karaikudi of the population under the age of six are 9.940.

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