Municipal Administration Karaikudi

Karaikudi administration was set up in 1928, upgraded in 1988 to choose from. There are 36 wards in the municipality of Karaikudi. Each Ward, a councilor elected separately. Municipal services pirikkappattulana six sectors: the public administration, engineering, revenue, health, planning and information technology. Six departments and managed by the Municipal Commissioner. He also was the head of the administration. Stabilized with 36 members of the legislative powers.Separately for each member and each vartukalaic dependents. Elected a chairman and a vice-president of the Assembly stirappatuttappattullatu leadership. Karaikudi is considered a part of the electorate, a member of the Tamil Nadu Assembly elects five years. AIADMK four times (1977, 1984, 1991 and 2009 elections), DMK twice (1980, 1989), once the Tamil Manila Congress (1996), and another time the Indian National Congress (2006) have won the seat. The seat is a legislator atimukavaic Commercial Chola Palanichany.Tirumayam Tirupatthur, Karaikudi Alangudi- manamaturai and civakankaiyai Karaikudi is included as part of Sivaganga Lok Sabha seat. MP seat, the AIADMK is Senthil. 1967 year, the seat of the parliamentary elections of 8 times the Indian National Congress (1980, 1984, 1989, 1991, 1999, 2004 and 2009 elections), twice AIADMK (1977 and 2014 elections), twice- Tamil Manila Congress (1996 and 1998 elections), DMK has twice (1967 and 1971 elections) have been successful. Law and order in the town of Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu Sivaganga utpirivin led by Superintendent of Police‚Äôs Accessories maintained. With an all-women police station in the city, there are a total of three police stations. Special sections Prohibition Enforcement, Criminal District, social, financial and human rights, including the Special District criminal record. They are led by the district superintendent of police units operate in.

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